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From what I always understood, second childhood was supposed to be that time when I lost control of my faculties and could no longer take care of myself. (As opposed to now?) Well, forgive me for nitpicking but that sounds more like childhood number five, or at the very least, three.  Second childhood is what […]

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.  It’s the cheese. And yet the rot is what makes the stuff so good.  I’m talking specifically about Danish Blue Cheese, one of the ingredients in this week’s soup. From what I understand Danish blue is a Scandinavian knock-off of Roquefort, although it’s milder and saltier. They […]

When I was a kid, my family did a fair amount of camping.  It was about this time that I developed my near religious love for the great outdoors. We went up and down California with our tent and sleeping bags, hiked up mountains, swam in high altitude lakes and came to believe (mistakenly I […]

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This week’s recipe didn’t start with Bugs Bunny.  Yet because of my never-going-to-grow-up Peter Pan brain, or is it brain pan, it definitely ended up there. I started out making the white wine counterpart to coq au vin soup, which you’ll recall is essentially a chicken soup with mushrooms, onions and pinot noir (see the […]

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  The soup this week is Seafood Chowder, but I’m not exactly sure why. Clam chowder is a great soup and definitely belongs in the culinary canon but I don’t have any particular emotional attachment to the stuff.  My brother was the big chowder fan growing up, but outside of lunching on cans of Snow’s […]

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Summer has always been the worst time to be sick.  When I was a kid, the loss of valuable vacation time to something as trivial as a cold, was enough to bring on bouts of childhood depression, also known as whining.  When I became an adult, it got worse. Not that I’m whining.  That’s a […]

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When you call a person thick, it means that he or she (okay, he) has a hard time absorbing information through the dense brain tissue known as gray matter. Even among the rapidly increasing population of Neanderthals them’s fighting words. Among soups?  Not so much. More than any other food, people define a soup by […]