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My wife’s style is all about color. Not that I’m an expert or anything, having failed every single test for color blindness the last time I went to see the eye doctor. But anyone you ask will tell you the same thing: her gift for combining colors from the same palette or from different ones […]

This week’s soup, which isn’t a soup at all, came about because I felt like pandering to my kids.  Or, if you have a less sardonic outlook, I made turkey chili because I knew my kids would like it and I felt like treating them. The answer lies more in the notion of parental mood […]

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It was one of those weeks when things just went wrong. I thought we’d already gotten through the rough part of the month what with taxes and the big 12-course wine dinner. This week was supposed to be all fun: My daughter’s birthday party, softball games, Easter, warm weather. I’d even bought a big box […]

From what I always understood, second childhood was supposed to be that time when I lost control of my faculties and could no longer take care of myself. (As opposed to now?) Well, forgive me for nitpicking but that sounds more like childhood number five, or at the very least, three.  Second childhood is what […]

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It’s a new year for the soup blog.  And a new beginning for my weekly go-round of soup recipes. Thank goodness. Because frankly, after having made a new soup every seven days for the past year, I’m a bit bored. That, and my family is rebelling against all this forced soup consumption. So what’s a […]

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  Does anyone out there have food in their refrigerator that they don’t recognize? It’s not a question of whether the food is yours or not.  The container may even have your name on it. It’s just been in there so long you don’t quite know what it is. You start out with good intentions.  […]

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This week’s recipe didn’t start with Bugs Bunny.  Yet because of my never-going-to-grow-up Peter Pan brain, or is it brain pan, it definitely ended up there. I started out making the white wine counterpart to coq au vin soup, which you’ll recall is essentially a chicken soup with mushrooms, onions and pinot noir (see the […]

Back when I was single and first learning how to cook, I would invite friends over to my Valley Village apartment, cook all day, drink lots of wine, and wind up smoking cigars on the roof of my garage.  Unlike today, the menu was never static.  I made pesto lasagna from Marcella Hazan, chocolate mousse […]

Out West, when I thought about corn, the vegetable took several different forms. There were corn tortillas, corn bread, corn salsa, tamale pie, corn chowder (remember that one?), corn muffins, corn chips, and, in summertime, corn on the cob. Here in the Midwest, it’s pretty much just corn on the cob, but boy do we […]