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It was one of those weeks when things just went wrong. I thought we’d already gotten through the rough part of the month what with taxes and the big 12-course wine dinner. This week was supposed to be all fun: My daughter’s birthday party, softball games, Easter, warm weather. I’d even bought a big box […]

I don’t know what to believe anymore. I’d like to blame the messenger, but since damning the media is fast becoming the new national pastime, I’m reluctant to follow suit.  In fact I can’t really blame them.  There is so much competing for our attention these days, that the talking heads have to resort to […]

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I think of myself as a logical person.  I consider numerous solutions to a problem, weigh them against each other on the scale of reason, and choose the best alternative. At least I used to. As I get older (and lazier) I find myself turning my back on rational thought in favor of gut feelings, […]

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The Pacific Rim Paradox

My children are growing up. Not exactly breaking news, I know, but these developments surprise you sometimes. The other night as the girls were watching a video with their mother, a kissing scene came on. The younger daughter covered her eyes and groaned about how inappropriate it was, but the elder one did not complain. […]

In my day, Christmas never had anything to do with gingerbread. Gingerbread was the stuff of fairy tales and children’s poems. It was the raw material that witch’s houses were made of. It was the sugary drywall and roofing shingles that lured woebegone children away from their parents and into the stomach’s of crones. Ho, […]