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The title of this posting comes from the Bugs Bunny cartoon “Shish Ka Bugs” (see it here) in which Bugs, for obvious reasons, ends up serving a pot full of raw carrots to a king who demands Hasenpfeffer (a rabbit stew). What the heck does that have to do with a blog about soups? Well, […]

This week’s soup, which isn’t a soup at all, came about because I felt like pandering to my kids.  Or, if you have a less sardonic outlook, I made turkey chili because I knew my kids would like it and I felt like treating them. The answer lies more in the notion of parental mood […]

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I cut things a bit close this week. My family and I had been on the road all last week for spring break and when we got back I had to come up with a soup fast. My first instinct was to go classic—a time-tested soup I could whip up in no time at all. […]

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I went back to Caputo’s this week. It had been several months since I’d been to the Chicago-land grocery chain in part because I had found inspiration elsewhere. But with the change of season, I figured it was time to see what fresh offerings my favorite produce market had to offer. I had visions of […]

After my trials and tribulations with cucumber soup this week, going to see an author reading about Thoreau seemed somehow inappropriate. The most recent blog deadline had already rushed past and the desperation that filled my life was anything but quiet. I railed and  railed. What was I writing this stupid blog for anyway? Didn’t […]

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  Does anyone out there have food in their refrigerator that they don’t recognize? It’s not a question of whether the food is yours or not.  The container may even have your name on it. It’s just been in there so long you don’t quite know what it is. You start out with good intentions.  […]

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Have you ever tried to turn over a new leaf? You put in all the work.  You imagine a new world full of bright, sunny vistas only to discover it’s just the same old stuff. That’s what happened with this week’s soup. I’m in California right now with all its cold and rain. (Sigh) Not […]

Annual holiday get-togethers always feature a grand cast of characters.  This year the wise-cracking drunk, the overly sensitive cook, the gushing sentimentalist, the determined wanderer, the eager helper, the laissez faire parent and the bad conversationalist all made an appearance. And that was just me. Alas, I am still in the process of discovering myself.  […]

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I think of myself as a logical person.  I consider numerous solutions to a problem, weigh them against each other on the scale of reason, and choose the best alternative. At least I used to. As I get older (and lazier) I find myself turning my back on rational thought in favor of gut feelings, […]