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This week’s soup, which isn’t a soup at all, came about because I felt like pandering to my kids.  Or, if you have a less sardonic outlook, I made turkey chili because I knew my kids would like it and I felt like treating them. The answer lies more in the notion of parental mood […]

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When I started this week’s soup, I had no idea I was headed to the Middle East.  It started with some cuts of pork and a few Honeycrisp apples.  Nothing more American than that, right?  Then I stumbled into the cooking process and the soup went all Moroccan on me. Now, before some of you […]

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The Pacific Rim Paradox

I wasn’t feeling very well this week so I didn’t make any soup.  Not that I’m leaving you without a recipe.  I’m not inhospitable.  It’s just that, after a few days of feeling a bit like a slab of meat, I decided to go with a favorite meatless entree. It’s a vegetarian chili from my […]

Ever felt like you’re just tapped out?  You’ve been working all weekend and you don’t have the energy to throw together a meal. And since times are tough, you can’t afford to eat out either, no matter how many coupons you may have. So… it’s leftovers again, which is kind of a harsh word when […]

In my office, I have a picture of the male side of my family, pre- next generation. It features my dad, my grandfather, my brothers and me. My brothers and I were in college at the time so we all look pretty goofy. My dad and grandfather, on the other hand, are both nicely dressed […]

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I’m reading a new memoir called “The Reading Promise.” The book recounts an agreement made between a father and his nine-year-old daughter to read together every night for 100 nights. I’m not very far into the book yet, so I don’t know how easy it was for them to reach that first goal but , after they […]

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Daylight savings time was still a month from being over, and that was fine by me. I needed all the savings I could muster. Things had been a bit busy at the Soup Blog household of late with extra work and afterschool activities stretching each hour as thin as it could get. I needed a […]