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As I sit at my computer thinking about this next post, I can come up with any number of credible reasons why I chose to make Pear and Pepper soup this week: The nearness of Valentine’s Day inspired me to create a soup out of bell peppers as red as roses. Because my youngest daughter […]

Annual holiday get-togethers always feature a grand cast of characters.  This year the wise-cracking drunk, the overly sensitive cook, the gushing sentimentalist, the determined wanderer, the eager helper, the laissez faire parent and the bad conversationalist all made an appearance. And that was just me. Alas, I am still in the process of discovering myself.  […]

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When I started this week’s soup, I had no idea I was headed to the Middle East.  It started with some cuts of pork and a few Honeycrisp apples.  Nothing more American than that, right?  Then I stumbled into the cooking process and the soup went all Moroccan on me. Now, before some of you […]

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I always hear about parents who can’t get their kids to eat vegetables. Then they discover soup and everyone lives happily and healthily ever after. Fruit, on the other hand, is something kids already love to eat. So there’s really no justification for making it into a soup. Unless, of course, your world doesn’t revolve […]

Out West, when I thought about corn, the vegetable took several different forms. There were corn tortillas, corn bread, corn salsa, tamale pie, corn chowder (remember that one?), corn muffins, corn chips, and, in summertime, corn on the cob. Here in the Midwest, it’s pretty much just corn on the cob, but boy do we […]

[East Meets West Pink]
The Pacific Rim Paradox

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If you read last week’s post, you might think a good cook can correct any dish that hasn’t turned out right.  Add a little bit of this, a little of that and voila, the meal is saved. Sorry. Sometimes when culinary explorations don’t work out the only recourse is to start over. That’s what happened […]

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I recently put out a call to readers (although perhaps the plural is a bit optimistic) for requests for recipes you might want to see. What I got back was a veritable tureenful (ouch) of suggestions.  The best chef I know, asked for Split Pea, Mushroom or Cabbage Beet.  I also got an intriguing request […]

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Unlike the images all over the internet today… most of the naked “art” I remember growing up involved delicately placed fig leaves. My home town of Palos Verdes Estates even had a statue of a naked King Neptune standing in the middle of Malaga Cove Plaza, who, by the time I was old enough to […]