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Apricots are hardly my favorite stone fruit. I’ll choose a ripe peach any time, a nectarine, a plum, a prune, a plumcot, just about anything. When it comes to dried fruit, however, apricots are the best. Absent all that water, the tartness of the fruit shines through better than any raisin, craisin, freeze-dried berry or […]

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Daylight savings time was still a month from being over, and that was fine by me. I needed all the savings I could muster. Things had been a bit busy at the Soup Blog household of late with extra work and afterschool activities stretching each hour as thin as it could get. I needed a […]

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Now that I’m almost into my dotage—it will begin as soon as my kids realize what an old fool I am—I can start talking about the good old days. Remember when ice cream just cost a nickel a scoop? It’s hard to imagine in this day of Ben & Jerry’s, Oberweis and Cold Stone Creamery […]