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My wife’s style is all about color. Not that I’m an expert or anything, having failed every single test for color blindness the last time I went to see the eye doctor. But anyone you ask will tell you the same thing: her gift for combining colors from the same palette or from different ones […]

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I cut things a bit close this week. My family and I had been on the road all last week for spring break and when we got back I had to come up with a soup fast. My first instinct was to go classic—a time-tested soup I could whip up in no time at all. […]

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I have been wanting to cook my version of French Onion Soup for quite a while, and this week turned out to be the perfect time.  Or so I thought. Now, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been trying to make my soups accessible to meat eaters and vegetarians alike.  As a result, I’ve slipped […]

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You know summer is finally here when you start thinking about how many days are left before it’s gone. Or is that just me? It’s not that I’m a pessimist.  I just look ahead to what’s next rather than fully enjoying the moment. Sundays are the perfect example.  Although Sunday is considered a weekend day, […]

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I know it’s pathetic but I was looking through my old clippings last week and I stumbled upon the first menu I ever wrote for the Los Angeles Times (it’s here if you’d like to see it). It had a Spanish vegetarian theme and featured empanadas, garlic soup, and a great Catalan dish with grilled […]