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I saw a cabbage in the store today. Sorry if that sounds like a bad Emily Dickinson parody.  That’s just how this week’s soup got started. I began with a head of red cabbage and proceeded to free associate.  It wasn’t the most direct route to a wonderful entrée, but c’est la vie.  Actually das […]

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When my wife and I moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles some time in the last century (yikes!), we were young(er), just engaged and still childless. We settled in the Hollywood-adjacent neighborhood of Los Feliz and soon discovered many of its culinary pleasures. Like any true exploration of LA, it was an international experience, […]

Making soup is like playing matchmaker. You try to pair  ingredients into a lively but sustainable relationship.  Sometimes things go together. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes opposites attract.  Sometimes like attracts like.  There isn’t a consistent formula. Not that I’m an expert, I’m a guy.  Even worse, I’m a husband. All I know about relationships is […]