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Now that I’m almost into my dotage—it will begin as soon as my kids realize what an old fool I am—I can start talking about the good old days. Remember when ice cream just cost a nickel a scoop? It’s hard to imagine in this day of Ben & Jerry’s, Oberweis and Cold Stone Creamery […]

Coconut is not really a children’s flavor. It was definitely my least favorite flavor growing and I wasn’t alone in feeling this way. Whenever a parent brought a box of donuts to a childrens event, a morning baseball game or a pre-dawn field trip to the tide pools, the last one left in the box […]

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For some reason pears do not like me. I’ve always been fond of these sweeter cousins of the apple, but they tend to keep their distance. What I mean is that I never seem to get them at the right time. They’re either really hard when I buy them or so ripe they have to […]

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In a writing class I’ve been taking, the instructor told us that there were only a limited number of stories out there. Writers rework them, reset them, recast them and reimagine them. But it’s essentially the same handful of plots that get retold over and over and over again. (Sounds a bit like this blog.) […]

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For me, it all started with navel oranges. Unlike their overly juicy Valencia cousin, navels are eating fruits and the perfect seasonal snack. Although these citrus fruits only appear in the “chill” of a west coast winter, the bright peel and the sweet tart taste smack of the washed out sunlight more typical of a […]

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Years ago, my brother told me he didn’t like soups that had fruit in them because he thought they confused the taste buds. At the time I smiled, nodded and cringed as I thought about the pepper and pear soup I had just made him as a Christmas present. Yet I understood what he meant. […]

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It’s hot out there. Big surprise, right? Temperatures are supposed to be around a hundred degrees in the middle of the summer. Not that I’m complaining. I’m from California, so you won’t see me getting out of the kitchen any time soon. It’s just that there are suddenly all these brown lawns all over the […]