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Be glad that this week’s post isn’t called “Horrible Failure Soup,” because that’s where it was headed until this morning.  Lentil soup was scheduled, if I can be said to actually have a schedule for these things, for next week or even later. This week was slated for Brussels sprouts. After all, aren’t I the […]

The soup this week was something of a command performance.  My wife and I are co-hosting a fund-raising dinner with another couple on Saturday and we wanted to offer jars of soup as a take away for the attendees. To be honest, co-hosting may be too generous a term.  The couple we’re working with are […]

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  The soup this week is Seafood Chowder, but I’m not exactly sure why. Clam chowder is a great soup and definitely belongs in the culinary canon but I don’t have any particular emotional attachment to the stuff.  My brother was the big chowder fan growing up, but outside of lunching on cans of Snow’s […]

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I always hear about parents who can’t get their kids to eat vegetables. Then they discover soup and everyone lives happily and healthily ever after. Fruit, on the other hand, is something kids already love to eat. So there’s really no justification for making it into a soup. Unless, of course, your world doesn’t revolve […]

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Everything I know about rhubarb fits into a tin or a diamond—from the sweet-tart pie filling that out-sours both Pippin and Granny Smith apples to the everyday scuffles that used to define baseball before money did.  (Did somebody say sour?) So when my sister-in-law walked me through the early part of her garden clipping rhubarb […]

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When you call a person thick, it means that he or she (okay, he) has a hard time absorbing information through the dense brain tissue known as gray matter. Even among the rapidly increasing population of Neanderthals them’s fighting words. Among soups?  Not so much. More than any other food, people define a soup by […]

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how spring was coming.  The snow was melting, crocuses and snowdrops were blooming and the mercury was up above 50 for the first time in months. False alarm. Chicago will do that to you. Veteran Midwesterners are used to this meteorological bait and switch.  We Californians still […]