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I wasn’t feeling very well this week so I didn’t make any soup.  Not that I’m leaving you without a recipe.  I’m not inhospitable.  It’s just that, after a few days of feeling a bit like a slab of meat, I decided to go with a favorite meatless entree. It’s a vegetarian chili from my […]

I’ve got a confession to make.  I’m not crazy about eggplant. It’s bitter. It’s sort of rubbery.  And when you add it to most dishes all it really adds is texture. I’m sorry if I’m offending anyone with these comments. It’s how I feel, and I suspect I’m not alone. I’m talking about you Europe, […]

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I recently put out a call to readers (although perhaps the plural is a bit optimistic) for requests for recipes you might want to see. What I got back was a veritable tureenful (ouch) of suggestions.  The best chef I know, asked for Split Pea, Mushroom or Cabbage Beet.  I also got an intriguing request […]

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Yes, soup is easy and inexpensive to make.  Yes, soup can easily embrace the four food groups in one meal (or all the levels of the food pyramid, if you want to go all Egyptian).  Yes, soup can be a delicious platform to feature almost any ingredient you choose.  But my favorite thing about soup […]

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When I was younger, I thought the beginning of a new calendar year was a stupid thing to celebrate. It might have made sense if the new year actually coincided with some astronomical event like the winter solstice. The first day of spring, the true season of rebirth, would have been even better. Instead the […]

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As we head deeper into the holiday season, (This weekend is the annual caroling party.) I thought it was a good time to trot out some more Christmas-y foods to keep my eyes on the prize as things start to get a bit crazier. And they will get crazier. After several years of freelancing, this […]

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With the coming and going of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d come clean about a staple of the holiday feast I have issues with. Cranberry sauce. I don’t like it. Never have. Never will. Yet there it’s been in a place of honor on every traditional Thanksgiving table I’ve ever been at. Editor’s note:  If you’re […]

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For me, it all started with navel oranges. Unlike their overly juicy Valencia cousin, navels are eating fruits and the perfect seasonal snack. Although these citrus fruits only appear in the “chill” of a west coast winter, the bright peel and the sweet tart taste smack of the washed out sunlight more typical of a […]